Chaos Cultist Guardsmen type guy walkthrough

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Chaos Cultist Guardsmen type guy walkthrough

Post  ScottRadom on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:15 pm

Mostly prompted by a discussion over on the 40K forum I thought I'd try walking through a mini. If nothing else it should help me find some motivation to push through a wall I am currently up against. There will most likely be a lot of foul language so heads up if that bugs you.

The mini is from Victoria Miniatures outta Australia. She sells a bunch of guardsmen conversion bits and I used the penal legs and torso. The shotgun arms come as one piece with both arms being connected to the shotgun and the weird head separate as well.

I'll paint it up in my typical drabby kinda colours with the skin having a bunch of purple shading I think. And maybe pale grey as the highlight. Not really sure. The freedom from not having to paint a mini as part of an army is pretty liberating but not planning a mini ahead of time means I spend a bunch of time usually scratching my balls trying to figure out what colour I want to use next.

So I cleaned off the mould lines and then washed the mini with a toothbrush and dish soap under warm water. I pinned the torso to the legs but didn't bother pinning the arms 'cause it would have been a super pain in the ass or the head, for the same reason. If I was really looking to go balls deep on this mini I would have spent probably ten to fifteen minutes taking some super fine steel wool to the torso and legs once assembled to help smooth out the surface but I skipped that. I spent no more than around 30 minutes from start of assembly to done.

I usually like to mount my mini's on a little mound on the bases. Some people hate that look but I find it more fun to paint and think the bases look a little better after. A whole army done that way would probably look a little stupid though. So I mixed up a ball of milliput and made a little mound, stabbed the mini into it then smoothed it out some with a dampened sculpting tool. I decided to jab a small piece of slate into the front of the base and I mounted one fo the GW finecast skulls I had kickin' around onto a brass rod and stabbed it into the miliput. I let it dry over night. The dirt is some carpenters glue painted on using an old brush followed by a little bit of some of the GW fine slate scattered around then I dipped that shit into some fine sand I got from the dollar store.

I like to mount my mini;s ont wooden blocks using some hot glue. I find the grip helps me keep the mini secure, my hand doesn't get fatigued and I never need to touch my miniduring the painting process. This is nice for those times when you have a a bit of paint on a finger and I don't have to suddenly freak out 'cause I just wrecked the whole damn thing.

Primer! I use Tamiya Super fine light gray spray primer. I think it's the absolute cats ass and have looked at other primers from other brands and haven't found anything that gives as nice a surface. Some people skip the primer stage and I do NOT get that at all. The Tamiya primer is not cheap, maybe 8 bucks for a little can the size of a dullcote can but it has no equal. I prefer a grey primer because while I want a fairly dark tone I find painting over black primer can make it near impossible for me to get the results I want. White primer is not for me as it makes everything just a touch to bright and cheery for my liking.

So for the base it's pretty simple. I start with about three coats of Middlestone for this guy. It's a green yellowy ochre used mostly for painting WWII German Armour. I do use a grey brush on primer on the base first though just because even after being sprayed with the canned primer the sand soaks up a lot of paint. A coat of grey primer probably saves me from having to do like 8 coats of the thinned Middlestone. After that I just hammer on some layers of pigments

I have a little cheapo round well palette I mix a little bit of each of the pictured colours of pigments in with some special thinner from MiG productions. I suspect it's just regular old enamel based paint thinner that I spent ten bucks on for 75ml but waddaya do. I use a hairdryer to speed up the process between layers so from start to finish applying the four layers of pigment took around 15 minutes. Then I sealed it up. I'd have larger pictures but they're wicked blurry up close as I didn't spend a lot of time on the pics. You're not seeing much so far. Then I brushed on some enamel sealer for the pigments. Without sealing the pigments they literally just wash away when you spray sealer on the mini at the end.

That's all I do for the bases. I don't bother going back and drybrushing the sand or anything like that. I'll likely add a bush or two at the end but basically that's it. So including prep work from blister to this point I'd say an hour of labour has been sunk in so far.

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Re: Chaos Cultist Guardsmen type guy walkthrough

Post  Carson on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:10 am

excellent, thanks for this Scott!

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