Saturdays at the Den

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Saturdays at the Den

Post  Trevor Y. on Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:51 pm

I was just at the Den today to pick up a bunch more boxes of minis, and was talking to Darren. He showed me the calendar and all but one Saturday in February is booked for tournaments. Just to let everyone know who might be coming in from out of town that the Den might not be available. Also there are one or two Saturdays in January that are booked as well. He didn't mention any Sunday bookings. Of course our Megabattle is one of those February Saturdays.

Also, he said he is got a few questions from people interested in Warhammer Fantasy over Christmas, and just told them to visit our website. Those people are probably just shy and are visiting anonymously.

Speaking of picking up minis... Wahoo! 2 Battallion Boxes, 2 Furnaces, a box of Clan rats, 1 Dreadstone Blight came in. Still waiting for 1 Watchtower, 1 Grey Seer. I am going to convert the Dreadstone Blight into an epic plaguestone tower this summer. I've seen something similar to what I want to make online and it is here: ...Click Me... I am going to 'Skavenize' the Watchtower too, but need to see what bits I have left after all my assembly. I know I will have a ton of Giant Rats and other stuff so it should be pretty easy. I want to make that look like my clan took control over it. So maybe bloody skaven markings (runes), and other symbols draped in chain on it or something like graffiti.

So... Many... Skaven... To... Assemble...

Also, Matt picked up his first High Elf minis yesterday, and is ordering more, so he will hopefully be able to jump into the next league.
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