Counter/Token contest.

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Counter/Token contest.

Post  Kallidon on Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:08 pm

Listed below is a copy of the contest I just posted on the 40K site. It's the first of many upcoming cross forum contests me and Scott would like to run in the future. All the rules are listed below and will apply for your Fantasy army (or 40K army if you have one) but you'll have to sign into the 40K forum and post your progress, pictures, etc. there. You'll have to forgive all the 40K references in the rules, but the examples are more or less universal and can relate to any part of the game. Legendary battles, Might Empires, etc. Whatever you can think of. Our goal is to have one of these types of contest running fairly regularly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or there, whatever works!

Alright everyone, time to announce the first of many Hunters of the Warp forum challenges. I'm hoping to keep these ongoing and quite regular. They will always be fairly small competitions and will almost always run for about a month.

This first one is going to be a counter/token challenge. It will be fairly open and will allow for alot of creativity. The only parameters I'm going to enforce is that you either create 3 small counters/tokens or one large one. Small sized would be a 1" base and a large one would be about 3" and up.

You can make loot tokens, objective markers, wounded models, messengers, spies, assassins, etc. Anything you can think of that fits the parameters is free reign. At the same time you can work on making your own counters similar to the ones form the counter set. Tokens for stunned, shaken, immobilized results, running models, gone to ground models, or a nice eleborate game turn counter would be nice as well. Any tokens for Cities of Death or Apocalypse is also free reign.

The tokens should be themed to an army you own. So, if you have a Nurgle army, you might want to make some wound tokens by using nurglings on bases. One nurgling is one wound, 2 is two wounds, etc. As long as it's themed to your army.

The competition will close after league night on Oct. 9th. I'm going to encourage people to bring all their entries to league night so we can look at them in person (sometimes the camera doesn't to the models justice). I might also want to put them on display for a few weeks in the Den display case. He needs some new models in there and better 40k stuff. Voting will be done via poll and everyone on the site can vote.

I also want to see progress shots. You must show your work via the forum! Show us your starting base, pieces, assembly, conversion work, and painting. Discuss your idea, the thought you put into it, and how it relates to your army. Voting parameters will be based on creativity, modelling and painting combined. If you don't have a camera, bring it to league night and I'll take pictures for you.

The prize you ask? Well, since this is a forum based competition you will receive a great and impressive icon/tagline to include in your signature. It's not a physical prize, no.. but you will gain valuable pieces to use in your games, the admiration of your peers and perhaps even some bragging rights. So, more than anything it's a friendly competition, however if I can track down a prize before the competition is over, the winner might get a surprise.

Thanks to Scott for helping to flesh out the idea.

Any questions, ask away!

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Re: Counter/Token contest.

Post  ScottRadom on Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:50 pm

Okay boys, let's give her balls and win this one for all the square based people!

This is a cool idea and plays perfectly into our army building challenge. Things like this are not only a great way to break up the monotony of building an entire army but also look great on the table instead of using dice or whatever. My plan is...

Some spell token to represent "Miasma of Pestilence" for my Nurgle army, some wound counters for my dwarf and my Nurgle army, and probably some random loot counters for my dwarfs. The new raid rules from the last WD might be cool so I'd like to be ready!

Who else, remember to go over to the 40k site to check the other entries out. Also while there please do check out some of the project blogs etc. There's a lot of modelling and painting talent the really showcases what Saskatoon is doing. I reccomend the "Lex's Stompa" thread, amongst others.

Let's get busy!

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Re: Counter/Token contest.

Post  Carson on Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:51 pm

I've always wanted to build a functional game turn counter that looked good. Thats probably what I'll work on, as well as some wound and/or spell token for my darkelf project.

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Re: Counter/Token contest.

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