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Games to report

Post  Pud on Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:49 pm

Missed a few, will start with a battle between me, Ethan, and Jarrod.

Ogres vs Lizards/High Elves - 3000

I took big guns and it helped as i took the alliance apart peice by peice. As my army steamed rolled thru unit after unit i was able to over run the army in five turns.

none league battle, all armies were not fully painted. 2 points for me and Ethan

Ogres vs TK - Eric (i belive) - 2500

It was a mess of Ogre guts in the bellies of snakes, there were too many Chariots, Snakes, and ward saves. In the end not one Ogre stood, the worst mess i have seen in a long while.

none league, my army was unpainted. 2 points for me

Ogres vs Ogres (Frank) - 2500

These battles are always fun, but this one had a St.Louis shuffle and a Mexican Stand off. The armies were pretty close in build with two big units and good support, with Lore of Beasts for them and my first run with Death. My Ironguts charges his Mournfang unit with a cat but he help with one wound left, and my Mourn stoon eye to eye with another unit waiting for support. His Ironguts turned to face me but i got the charge off. after this battle they would overrun and slam into his last unit without support and won the fight with only a Tyrant and a Bruiser alive.

Non league battle, not painted. 2 points for me

Ogres vs Lizards (deadlytoaster) sorry guy, forgot the name. - 1500

In a small game the Lizards took to the field and my poor Ogres took the beating. with alot of shooting the skinks nibbled on my heels and my one unit broke and never returned. and my other unit was hit by a comet and fell in battle.

league battle (he signed up), both not painted. 2 points for me cruishing win for him.

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