Darren vs. Ethan

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Darren vs. Ethan

Post  Pud on Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:07 am

In a battle that lasted three weeks me and Ethan finaly got a match done. He is not a fan of 2500

Darren (Ogres) vs Ethan (Lizard)
neither army was fully painted
1st game of the league
Crushing victory for the Ogres

In a battle that lasted way to long the Ogres took advantage of flanks left right and center as the Maneaters got in and Ethan just let happen. Not moving units with fear of being charged i smashed three unit in there sides and soon there was a priest, a salamander, and a bad taste for both sides and 50 plus lizards were sliced up and served to the boys.

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