H: WoC, Lizard Men, Skaven, Empire, Ogres, Wood Elf, Beastmen, VC, Bretonnian W: $$

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H: WoC, Lizard Men, Skaven, Empire, Ogres, Wood Elf, Beastmen, VC, Bretonnian W: $$

Post  squalie on Tue May 08, 2012 4:39 pm

Thanks in advance for any interest. Would like to sell as armies - sell prices are listed beside retail value and do not include shipping. Ask any questions you need and will provide pics. Some of these are other peoples armies and MAY be split up upon their approval. All bases come supplied with figs. Wink


Warriors of Chaos $225 retail, will sell for $110.00

Tzeentch Lord on Disc - 2 lord figs, one has wings
2 Sorcerer with Familiar
24 Warriors HW/Sh - primed black, shields not attached
15 Marauder on sprue - comes with Horsemen sprues for custom options, etc
10 plastic Warhounds
Shaggoth, bare metal, unassembled

Ogre Kingdoms $390 retail, will sell for $180.00

2 Butcher
2 Maneater (Pirate and Ninja)
16 Bulls
6 Iron Guts
4 Lead Belchers
24 Gnoblars on sprue
A ton of sprues

Vampire Counts $500 retail, will sell for $225

Konrad Von Carstein - metal
Mordheim witch hunter
Necromancer with staff
10 Cairn Wraiths, previous metal with Scythes
110 new edition skeletons, assembled bare plastic, lots of extra sprues.
8 Black Knight/Lances
7 Black Knight HW/Sh
5 Blood Knights, not new version

Wood Elves

21 Wardancers, incl command
Scibor Wood Elf Mage NIB

Skaven $50

Queek Headtaker - NIB
2 Assasins - metal
Warlord (IoB)
3 Warlock Engineers - 2 IoB and 1 metal
1 Warp lightning Cannon - OOP metal
3 Warpfire throwers - 2 OOP metal and 1 new plastic

Empire $1700+ retail, will sell for $650!

It's a friends army and I don't know Empire that well so if you'd like pictures, by all means just ask. I'd be happy to oblige so you know exactly what you're getting. Will seperate as I understand this is a huge lot.

2 Mounted General
6 plastic Battle wizards- various
2 "Flaming" mages
1 HE Griffon mount
Empire State troops - 35 spears, 66 Halberd and 40 with sword
50+ Free company
40 Handgunners
46 Crossbowmen
16 Archers
Empire Knightly Order - 24 Lance, 10 handweapon, 8 great weapon, 8 command models (all riders pinned for horses, not glued)
26 Pistoliers/Outriders. Just a couple have long rifles.(all riders pinned for horses, not glued)
30 Greatswords, new edition
30 Flagellants
2 Mortar with crew
2 Cannon with crew
1 Hellstrom with crew
1 Hellstrom with no wheels - has magnets on bottom.
1 Steam Tank
1 Custom War altar with 8 Flagellants carrying a gold HE Griffon with platform for characters
a few other character models - no clue whether custom or not.

Beastmen $1100 retail, will sell for $495.

Army book
Lore of the Wild cards
Khazrak and Redmaw
Ghorros, bare metal
5 Bray Shaman
1 Beastlord with Great axe
Malagor - NIB
new metal Doombull, unassembled
3 older metal Doombulls (used as Gorebulls)
46 Gor (incl, 2 X command)
12 Ungors hw/shield
54 Ungor with spear
22 Plastic Bestigors
22 Metal Bestigors, with command
10 Centigor
9 metal hounds
2 Chariots
7 Plastic Mino's
8 metal Mino's
Dark Eldar razorwing NIB, used as Harpies

Looooots of extra bits

Lizardmen $500 retail, will sell for $225 $300 with resin bases

Lord Kroak, bare metal
Slaan, bare metal
Old Blood sword/shield
Kroq Gar, no Carnasaur
Skink Chief, blow pipe
Skink Priest
Skink Chief, sword/shield
15 Saurus with spear
55 Skink, spear, hw, blowpipe
2 metal Skink command
5 Kroxigor, 2 OOP
50 snake and lizard swarm models. Enough for 10 bases.
6 Chameleon Skinks
1 Chameleon skink Stalker
3 Salamanders with 9 handlers
1 Plastic Stegadon.
lots of sprues

"Temple" resin bases
150 ea 20 mm
1 Steg base, 50 X100mm
8 ea 40mm
3 ea 50mm

Bretonnians $700 retail, will sell for $375

Louen Leoncouer
BSB, assembled
BSB, unassembled
2 Mounted Damsel
Damsel on foot
15 Men at Arms, assembled
20 Men at Arms, unassembled
16 Archers, NIB
16 Archers, unassembled
16 Archers, partial assembled
15 Knights of the Realm, on sprue
1 KotR painted
10 Pegasus Knights assembled, bare
2 Peg Knight, NIB
1 Grail Knight
3 Questing Knights, one with standard
2 Trebuchets


- $$$

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Re: H: WoC, Lizard Men, Skaven, Empire, Ogres, Wood Elf, Beastmen, VC, Bretonnian W: $$

Post  lizardlover on Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:57 am

Can I get those Great swords off you for the Empire maybe?

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