The Wrath of Dwarfs

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The Wrath of Dwarfs

Post  Mhael on Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:32 pm

As the morning sun crested the horizon, a shimmering sea of springtime dew drops reflected the rays. Dwarflord Alrik Rey Enano supped his pipe and surveyed the land in front of him. A short distance away the lord's trusted sheildbearers, Fladdson Stoutheart and Goddar Hammerfist let Alrik have his peace. The serenity of the early morning was a facade as battle was imminent. Everywhere Alrik looked his stout clan of warriors were moving into position on the battlefield. Brave dwarfs clanked about in their heavy armor forming ranks and readying weapons.
The feud between dawi and elgi had been going on since the capture of the dwarf mine. Alrik grinned ruefully as he remembered the elfish folly. Using their magic to sneak upon the working dwarfs, they took control of the mine. However the elgi hadn't been able to disarm the dwarfen traps and upon removing some precious relics the mine had collapsed around them.
Already Alrik had sent a force led by his trusted Runelord Vraff Starshard to battle the elfs. It was a hard fought battle with the runelord emerging victorious. Also they had managed to capture and imprison the elgi arch mage in a wizards tower. The Dwarfs bartered the mage to the lizard folk who were set to arrive and sign a peace pact in the exchange.
Trumpets sounded at the arrival of the elfish forces breaking Alriks trance. Alrik donned his helmet and headed to the throng of resolute bodyguard hammerers where his shieldbearers hoisted him onto the great war sheild he would fight from.
'Sound the horn. Thane Caston Sigilstone keep that banner held high!' shouted Alrik 'Prepare to fire!'
The blast of an organ gun ripped through a vanguard unit of reaver horsemen mowing them all down. A flanking unit of thunderers let loose a volley at a second unit of reavers felling one rider. Angling the flame cannon a mighty gout shot forth engulfing nearly two dozen spearmen. On the right flank a dwarf crew pushed another organ gun forward into position. Another loud boom sounded as a cannon set up on a hill arced a shot at the lone elf chariot. The shot hurtled forward but embedded itself in the ground spraying earth everywhere but doing no real damage.
Emboldened the reavers made a charge on the left flank thunderers, two falling dead before reaching the line. Cosmic energy could be felt in the air as the elf mage hurtled a series of spells at the dawi line. Spiking his runehammer in the dirt runesmith Almits Greybeard grounded the magics before they fully developed.
A cheer went up as the two remaining reavers were pulled from their steeds and hacked apart. The price was not one sided though as a pair of dwarfs also fell, their names going down in the book of rememberance.
'Volley' called Alrik to his war machine crews as the elgi units neared.
A cacophony of noise came from Alriks left as an organ gun blew apart killing its crew. The right flank was ominously silent as the second organ gun crew stared helplessly and checked the firing mechanisms. In front of the cannon a unit of thunderers took aim at one of a pair of great eagles that flew over a forest. A squak left its beak as it plummeted dead to the ground. Two more roars sounded as both cannon and flame cannon retorted. The elfish chariot shashed to pieces and nearly another two dozen spearmen shrieked as they were set ablaze. This proved too devastating and the remaining spearmen turned to strategically regroup out of range of the flame cannon.
By now a unit of white lions, armor gleaming crashed into a wall of ironbreakers led by five thanes and the second great eagle shrieked as it attacked the flank. The elfs fought fiercly with startling speed but most of their attacks failed to penetrate the tough dawi mithril armor. Thane Grimbold Goldnose clutched his neck as one elfish sword found its mark. In the bustle seven more ironbreakers succumbed to mortal wounds. The white lions felt the wrath of the dwarfs as sixteen fell to hardened steel and the great eagle began to flee away.
'Almits look sharp.' called the venerable longbeard veteran as more eldritch magics were thrown at them. Again the wizened runesmith turned the spells aside with his runehammer.
The fleeing great eagle didn't stand a chance as the organ gun crew having reset unloaded four barrels. All that remained was a puff of feathers.
'The mage!' shouted Almits to the thunderers. In answer a volley of shots erupted felling six archers who hid behind a fallen log. The mage however reamined unscathed.
The general's unit of phoneix guard felt the fury of both cannons as ten elgi fell. The unit showed its courage and held in the face of adversity.
Having suffered a grievous wound, thane Lemak Stonehewer was unable to parry an attack from the white lions. He fell with five other mithril covered ironbreakers. Surging forward the ironbreakers put fourteen white lions down, through sheer power of arms.
Runesmith Almits Greybeard sweated profusely as he battled the mages spells. A great pit started to form beneath the longbeards but focusing his attention Almits subdued the magics, the earth quietening once more. A purple hue limned the white lions as the elgi mage bestowed a gift of increased strength upon them. The increased strength allowed their next attacks to cut through the dwarfs aror like parchment killing thanes Hraggar Anvilfist and Adwar Grudgeseeker along with two ironbreakers. Upon seeing two of their most stoic heroes cut down the ironbreakers put the remaining ten white lions quickly to their deaths. Still enraged the ironbreakers reformed and charged into the flank of the Phoenix guard, who were busy battling a unit of longbeards.
On the left flank the archers and mage fled from a dawi warrior charge also taking them out of flame cannon range. The cannon on the hill managed a few long range shots at the remaining spearmen who had turned to simply watch the outcome of the genaeral's fight. The clash of elf and dwarf stell rang loud as the two races traded blows. The stalwart elf general hewed left and right killing dwarfs with every stroke. Grunts, curses, sweat and blood mingled as the furious battle continued, both forces dwindling.
When the last phoenix guard died and all that remained were the elgi commander and battle standard bearer, Lord Alrik shouted from atop his war sheild 'Enough! There has been enough blood spilled this day. I offer you these terms elgi.'
Alrik spat 'Go now with your life, tell your great general the wrath of the dwarfs is sated. Leave the banner of the dead white lions, they are no more. Your army is scattered. We will not attack unless provoked. What say you?'
Chest heaving the elgi general looked at the carnage surrounding him. He also noticed what was left of two troops on the far side of the battlefield unwilling to come in range of the devastating flame cannon. Down to two elfs, the rest too far removed to offer any help the general gritted his teeth and nooded his aquiescence.
'Remember this day well elgi and pray you don't forget this lesson. Go!' As the pair of elfs slunk away a great roar erupted from the victorious dwarfs.

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