VC army [SOLD]

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VC army [SOLD]

Post  epengr on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:44 pm

I haven't seen the new book, do they suck?

I posted this already, but here's an accurate list and better pics. I'll consider any reasonable offer:

40 Zombies x40 on Sprues
48 Zombies, really well painted (not by me), magnetic bases
1 Black Coach (unassembled, missing coffin)
1 Bat swarm (unassembled)
3 Spirit hosts (partly painted)
3 Cairn wraths
20 crypt ghouls (on sprue)
3 Corpse Carts (1 on sprue, 1 assembled, one beautifully pro painted)
10 Dire Wolves (assembled, unprimed)
20 old style skeleton (regiment box, on sprue)
15 Skeletons (partly primed/painted)
1 Banshee

1 Strigoi
1 Necromancer, well painted
1 Female vampire lord, unassembled

14 TK Skeletal horsemen (for conversion to Black Knights)
8 Empire Knights (awaiting conversion to Blood Knights)
1 Malekith, Witch King on Black Dragon (awaiting conversion to Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon)

past 2 VC books

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