Ark of Exile 2500 Dark Elf League List

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Ark of Exile 2500 Dark Elf League List

Post  Maeson on Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:55 pm

Here is the list I will be using for the Regina league end tournament on the 28th. This list has evolved alot since I started playing 2500 points.

Crone Hellebron

Supreme Sorceress
-Level 4 Lore of Dark Magic
-Tome of Furion

Death Hag
-Battle Standard
-Cauldron of Blood

-Sword of Might
-Charmed Shield
-Black Dragon Egg
-Cold One
-Heavy Armour
-Sea Dragon Cloak
-Repeater Crossbow

-Extra Hand Weapon
-Rune of Khaine

15 Corsairs
-Full Command
-Sea Serpent Standard
-Extra Hand Weapons

14 Witch Elves
-led by the old Crone
-Standard and Musician
-Banner of Murder

5 Dark Riders
-Full Command
-Repeater Crossbows

5 Dark Riders
-Repeater Crossbows

5 Cold One Knights
-Dread Knight with Luckstone and The Other Tricksters Shard
-Standard Bearer with Banner of Swiftness

5 Shades
-Extra Hand Weapons
-Light Armour

5 Shades
-Extra Hand Weapons
-Light Armour

10 Black Guard
-Tower Master

2 Reapers

2500 Points

This is my old Dark Elf army from 4th ED so I cant really change much more than the magic items and some equipment. I am stuck with using the Crone as my general so I can use my ladies as a core choice to meet the 625 minimum. I wish assassins counted towards core points, then I would be using my Dreadlord on Black Dragon, but oh well, I can use him in my 2200 point list as I just barely have enough Corsairs and Dark Riders to make it work.

The Witch Elves and COB will take the center of the battlefield usually. Corsairs and Dark Riders will flank on one side supported by the Reapers and Master, spearheaded by the Shades and the Assassin. Black Guard and Cold One Knights will go on the other flank to protect my ladies advance when the time is right. The Supremo will support where needed. Thats just a basic overview on how I will be playing this army now. It has taken me a LONG time to get it right, and I am satisfied with how it has performed, even though I know that there are some points being wasted and that I have low numbers, but oh well, I am a WYSIWYG player to the death, especially with my crappy old Dark Elves lol!

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Re: Ark of Exile 2500 Dark Elf League List

Post  Ddodge on Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:26 pm

I hate your witch elves more than anything in the entire world.
Next time we play I will just have 150 missile armed troops to kill them.

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