Ogres for sale

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Ogres for sale

Post  Colton B on Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:26 pm

I have pretty much a full army of Ogres Worth $342.
-4 Leadbelcher's $48
-6 ogres $48
-6 ogres $48
-4 Ironguts $48
-1 butcher $46
-1 Tyrant $48
-1 gorger $29
-1 maneater $29
All of the above are the original price not the asking price.
There are a few that are painted (2 or 3) but besides that they are primed black and untouched. I was thinking around $240 (prices negotiable) for the whole set but I can sell them individually so just leave me a post or text/call me at 306-280-7594 if you're interested.

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