4th Masters

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4th Masters

Post  Pud on Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:53 am

wow, first time i had to do a list like this.

First RD - 992, how to fit three units that can survive by them selves while waiting for support.
Second RD - 1000, how did i get this lucky, 1000 even and most of my army is on the board
Third RD - 505 and it is all out there, hard to rearange till everthing is on the table.
Fourth RD - looks like it will be 498, and my first battle of 3000 will begin.

this looks like alot of fun, my O&G will have a few issues with LD but i think i have delt with that problem. Cheers boys, will be a good time and can't wait.


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