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Post  Patchfur on Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:43 am

I am committed to using those ungor raiders (largely because the looks on their faces is hilarious) but the way I am using them is ineffective. The victory points for a regular game reward destroying (outright) a unit, killing the general, and capturing standards. It is unlikely that a 10 strong unit of skirmishing raiders is going to do any of those things.

So what can a couple of small skirmishering units do if they show up in the back of an army? To make them worth it they must amplify the rest of the army somehow.

1) They are big enough to get a +1 or +2 for a flank or rear charge, although they would likely contribute more wounds than they score since they cannot disrupt. This idea doesn't work for me. A unit of Ungors or Gors with shields would be more plausible.

2) They can slow enemy units down by march blocking. This might let the rest of the beastman army hit a portion of the enemy. This would only work near the flanks of an army since the general's inspiring presence and a BSB if present allow high leadership and re-rolls to the test to march anyway.

3) They might strip a rank bonus off a few units with shooting before the main army closes the gap.

4) They can hunt down war machines in the back lines by jumping them. The shooting is a bonus and probably irrelevant. A small unit of Gors or Ungors would be better than the skirmishers though. Skirmishers can get to them faster than a ranked up unit?

5) They provide dangerous terrain tests for people fleeing through them. Although by the time units are fleeing the dangerous terrain test is more of an insult, and not contributing to a victory. I don't know if this is even reasonable, but it MIGHT cause people to not choose to flee with an armoured unit since it would be rude to see some Ungors pull down a knight.

6) They can hassle small high value targets with shooting - lone wizards, light cavalry, small units of wolves, or what have you.

A small unit of Gors is better at items 1 and 4. I'll have to add a couple of those at minimum strength just to be a credible threat.

That leaves march blocking (good at it cause they occupy lots of space and can move fast) and harrassment shooting (they HAVE bows).

But most people will likely just ignore them. Thoughts?


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Ungor Raiders Empty Re: Ungor Raiders

Post  nathanr on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:08 am

One use for them would be to declare charges on fleeing units, causing them to flee further or possibly off the table. Since you only get points for units that are destroyed or flee off the table it could be useful. It doesn't come up too often but the opportunity might come up more often with them on the table because they can come on in the opponent's backfield.

I think the biggest use for units like that is to cause distraction. They often attract more attention than they are worth and at the very least they force your opponent to keep their wizards hidden in units and protect their war machines and missile units. They probably aren't going to take anything out by themselves but they have other uses.

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Ungor Raiders Empty Re: Ungor Raiders

Post  Carson on Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:30 pm

We'll thier cheap so having a couple of units is not that big of an investment. I think thier best value would be war-machine hunting, picking off vulnerable characters and shooting up fast cav. Distraction can't be over looked also. Sometimes a unit in ones backfield will dsitract the player and force him to make mistakes.

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Ungor Raiders Empty Re: Ungor Raiders

Post  decker_cky on Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:15 pm

Ungors raider's biggest strength is that they're cheap. For 30 pts, you have a deployment drop that's relatively cheap and maneuverable. Use them to set up charges - push them forward and angle them so that the unit they're blocking can only charge or sit around. Have the angle open a flank if they overrun, or at least set up a countercharge if they reform. Use them to set up units between a series of bad results.

Obviously shoot every turn, but don't plan your move around shooting.


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Ungor Raiders Empty Re: Ungor Raiders

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