Dreadfleet/Man o' War?

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Dreadfleet/Man o' War?

Post  epengr on Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:25 pm

Anyone here excited about Dreadfleet?

Anyone here wish it was a re-release of Man o' War?

If Dreadfleet has rekindled your interest in Man o' War, one of my all time favorite GW creations, check this out!

One of the things that's kept me from getting an army back on the table is the fact that I built a 3D printer for myself. I then set out to model ships similar to the long discontinued figures from GW. I've long loved this game, but I got into it just as it went out of print. I have the boxed set but none of the minis for it.

This is just a sample. I've modeled every ship from the game and both expansions. They're a little rough compared the cast minis because the printer doesn't have really great resolution (I built it after all), but I think they look pretty good with some paint, and I SURE that some of you could make them look AWESOME. I'm willing to sell them pretty cheap, since I'd LOVE to get some local players into the game. I'm thinking $5 / unit (one Man o' War or 3 ships of the line).

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